World Chess Invites Daniil Dubov into the Grand Prix Series

Daniil Dubov, 22-year old Russian Grandmaster and current Rapid World Champion, will join the FIDE World Chess Grand Prix Series.

He’s been nominated by World Chess, the organizer of the Series, with support of FIDE. He will join the likes of MVL, Anish Giri, and Levon Aronian and will have a shot at the Candidates Tournament.

World Chess team wishes Daniil a great Series and hopes that he will not only show his amazing talent but also will have a great time playing chess this year! 

According to the event’s regulations, the organizer can nominate one player per tournament in the Series. World Chess has chosen to nominate one player for three events so that the player will have a chance to win the Series and go on to play in the Candidates Tournament. 

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