Who Made the Riga Grand Prix

FIDE Grand Prix in Riga took place in the iconic National Library building. It was open to the public and hundreds of chess fans visited it daily. The broadcast was also available for free on the official World Chess and FIDE sites as well as numerous media partner sites. It was organized by World Chess and FIDE team with assistance from the Latvian Chess Federation.

Top row: Yannick Pelletier (FIDE Press Officer), Sotiris Logothetis (DGT Boards and online broadcasting), Polina Ostasheva (Players and FIDE relations), Eugeny Miroshnichenko (commentary), Anjella Fedoseeva (event manager), Lyuba Erikina (event manager), Kate Chalykh (World Chess Events Director), Galina Nimaeva (World Chess Legal), Misha Ovchinnikov (event manager), Sasha Bazarkin (Broadcast EP).
Bottom row: Karina Bolshenkova (communications), Kolya Dunaevsky (photographer), Roman Volkov (World Chess Club Moscow Manager).