What the World Chess Championship Might Have Looked Like?

Preview of the ‘Eyes’ Concept developed by Kosmos Collective. This is an initial render of the VIP lounge where poeple could play chess while listening to commentary. The idea was to create an immersive experience for chess fans.

Chess championships, which once were a dated and very predictable visual experience, are now well back inside the design perimeter. As a sport, it has gained a visual language, branding strategies, a collectors’ base and high expectations.

World Chess, the organizer of the 2018 World Chess Championship Match in London, invited Kosmos, a groundbreaking architecture collective, to test the boundaries of the World Chess Championship venue design and decor, mindful of the fact that the Match, a culmination of the two-year Championship cycle, was to be held in the 19th century classical building in London’s Holborn.

Kosmos experimented with different concepts, ranging from neon to human forms.

Different venue segments

VIP Zone

Dome and reception
VIP Zone
Entertainment Corridor

Spectator seats
Playing Area

Kosmos also did a study of patterns – a natural extension of chess and also part of the visual identity of the Match.

The final design theme was ‘unboxing’. 

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