Photos from Yeketerinburg

FIDE Candidates Tournament is starting in two days, amid the thickening Coronavirus scare, but preparations are underway. 

The opening ceremony, which will coincide with the Ural governor’s birthday, is to take place in the massive Expo center in Yekaterinburg. FIDE and local authorities plan to reduce the attendance of the event in line with the recent health recommendations. 

Below are photos from the venue. This page will be updated. 

Expo center in Yekaterinburg is preparing to host the opening gala of the Candidates Tournament. Apart from the players, many guests and top level performers are expected to appear at the event, but the size of the gala is still unclear. 
Mercedes, the official auto partner of the Candidates Tournament, is installing an automobile at the opening venue
Entrance to the opening venue, Yekaterinburg Expo
One of the common areas in the Hayatt hotel
According to the unverified news reports, spectators will not be allowed into the playing area to avoid contact with the players. Organisers allow spectators into the Hayatt hotel’s common area where some of the chess activities will be held for the public. Russian commentary will also run from this space.
Entry to the Hayatt hotel where the players are staying and where the playing venue is located. The hotel is located in the downtown Yekaterinburg, close to the famed Yeltsin center museum.
Yeltsin center across the road from the venue is the famous museum honoring the first president of the Russian Federation. Mr. Yeltsin lived in Yekaterinburg for decades before moving to Moscow. The museum, a landmark of Yekaterinburg, is temporarily closed due to coronavirus.