LARP “Justice against the grain” by V–A–C foundation

On July 20th, at Campus of SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management, V–A–C foundation in partnership with World Chess presents ‘Justice against the grain’, Live Action Role Play (LARP) created by an artistic team of game designer Anna Volodina, theatre director Yuri Kvyatkovsky, artist Sara Culmann and V–A–C curators.

Role-playing game is a collective performative practice based on a literary text and a set of rules, starting from which participants create their own story.

The first players will be Moscow community of chess players, the choice of which is not tied to the venue since there are chess clubs in every district of Moscow.

Participants of the game will either look at the world through the eyes of plants, animals and objects, or will get to judge these non-human law-breakers in a game inspired by medieval non-human trials.

If you want to take part in ‘Justice Against the Grain follow the link: https://expandingspace.ru/larp-private/