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Jerusalem is hosting the final leg of the FIDE Grand Prix Series

Jerusalem, Israel – November 11, 2019 – Final leg of the FIDE Grand Prix 2019 organized by World Chess starts in Jerusalem. 16 Grandmasters have arrived to Jerusalem and will compete in the final leg of the Series. Two winners of the Series will qualify for the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2020.

At the Opening Ceremony, Emil Sutovsky, FIDE Director General, Ilya Merenzon, World Chess CEO, Noam Froimovici, General Manager Kaspersky Israel, and Yossi Gilad, Head of Engineering, Algorand introduced the event to the Israeli public and the media. It’s the first time ever that the FIDE Championship cycle event takes place in this country.

Arkady Dvorkovich, FIDE President, said: «I am glad to welcome all players to the final stage of the FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019! Each stage was memorable and sometimes dramatic. The heat of passion did not leave spectators and chess fans all over the world indifferent. I wish good luck to all players in the final stage, and thank the historic city of Jerusalem for its hospitality»

Organizers and partners of the Jerusalem Grand Prix  

The official Opening Ceremony was held at the Notre Dame Center Jerusalem and became historical for Jerusalem. State Officials, FIDE and World Chess representatives, key members of local community and, of course, greatest grandmasters of our time assembled at a single place together with other chess devotees to capture the moment of the tournament’s starting. One of the most exciting parts is the drawing of lots.

Chief Arbiter Almog Burstein drew lots at the technical meeting. Players with the highest ratings at the beginning of the tournament were given starting numbers respectively. 

Ilya Merenzon, CEO of World Chess, said: «We are very glad that chose historical Jerusalem for the final stage of the FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019! Spectators will get a unique experience – both on the site and during the official broadcast on This is the most exciting leg, as it will determine the players who will take part in the FIDE Candidates’ Tournament».

«We continue to be inspired by World Chess’ focus on technical innovation in their sport, and are honored that they recently selected Algorand as the platform on which to conduct their upcoming hybrid IPO,» said Sean Ford, COO of Algorand. «We wish all the competitors in the Jerusalem Grand Prix the best and look forward to ongoing collaboration with FIDE and World Chess, the players and chess enthusiasts around the world».

Noam Froimovici, General Manager, Israel, Kaspersky: «This is the first time the FIDE Grand Prix is taking place in Israel and I’m proud and excited to be part of this special event. I see quite a few parallels between chess and cybersecurity: on a chess board we have black and white pieces and in the cybersecurity world we also have two opposing teams – the good guys and the bad actors, attackers and defenders. In cybersecurity, like in chess, experience is important but so is the creative and innovative way of addressing challenges. And of course, in cybersecurity, like chess, winning is achieved by anticipating an opponent’s moves. Experience, creativity and strategic thinking are important assets of every chess Grandmaster, and these are the same assets Kaspersky leverages to overcome adversaries and attackers».

Boris Gelfand, the Israeli Grandmaster, arriving at the Opening Ceremony

Andreу Guryev, CEO of PhosAgro, Vice President of the Russian Chess Federation: «After his victory in Hamburg, Alexander Grischuk has almost secured a place in the Candidates Tournament. We hope that another Russian chess player will win in Jerusalem and join Alexander in Yekaterinburg. PhosAgro, as FIDE Strategic Partner, promises to sign a sponsorship contract with Russians who will win the Grand Prix series and enter the Candidates tournament. We are looking forward to the most dramatic and exciting leg of the Grand Prix!».

The Grand Prix Jerusalem opening day continued with a cocktail celebration. It was a chance to enjoy the company of outstanding chess players and like-minded chess aficionados in an informal setting.

Celebrities, businessmen, cultural figures and other prominent personalities were united by chess at the Notre Dame Center Jerusalem. The Jerusalem Grand Prix is the final in a series of four tournaments to select two players for next year’s Candidates tournament.

The winner of that tournament will become the challenger for the 2020 World Championship match to be held in November. There are 21 players in the Grand Prix, with each playing three of the four tournaments. The prize fund for each competition is 130,000 euros with an additional 280,000 euros allocated among the top 10 finishers in the series, for a total of 800,000 euros. The matches start at 3 PM local time. The broadcast can be viewed free and live at

    Pairings for Round One: 

    • Shakhriyar Mamedyarov, Azerbaijan — Dmitry Jakovenko, Russia
    • Veselin Topalov, Bulgaria — Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, France
    • Wei Yi, China — Anish Giri, Netherlands
    • Yu Yangy, China — Wesley So, USA
    • Pentala Harikrishna, India — Sergey Karjakin, Russia
    • Ian Nepomniachtchi, Russia — Boris Gelfand, Israel
    • David Navara, Czech Republic — Wang Hao, China
    • Radoslaw Wojtaszek, Poland — Dmitry Andreikin, Russia

    Leading partners supporting the FIDE World Chess Grand Prix Jerusalem 2019 include:

    • Algorand as the Official Blockchain Partner
    • PhosAgro as the Official Strategic Partner
    • Kaspersky as the Official Cybersecurity Partner
    • USETECH as the partner of the Jerusalem Grand Prix
    • PRYTEK as the Technology Transfer Partner

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