Happy Valentines Day, Chess Style

If you are planning to spend Valentines Day with your loved one and, for some reason, want to connect this holiday to chess, you’ll be pleased to know that in our obsessive attempt to make chess sexy, we have come up with probably the sexiest combination of chess-related items ever.

We went so far as to send this chess collection to influential bloggers around the world and shipped some to World Chess Club Moscow.

So if you are in town, stop by to pick up your own Valentines Day chess gift box, featuring exquisite items, most of them in black and white (because of, you know, the chess pattern).

What’s in the Box? 

The box contains a game which you might want to try to play with your partner: it involves applying stickers with chess moves onto one’s body and instructions on what the other party needs to do once they recognize the move. The box also includes a condom, a candle, a fortune cookie, sticker set and a World Chess Club membership card.  Oh, and there is the famous Chess Kama-sutra logo pin. 
Fortune cookies, made especially for the occasion in black, will guide you through the Valentines Day and also will help you win the next World Chess Championship Match. 
Rules for the Valentines Day chess quest are very simple, and you indeed might need the Sicilian defence.  
You can apply stickers representing chess squares on yourself or on your partner. The instructions will tell you what to do next, 
The Valentines Day Chess Gift Set is packaged in a custom-made black box. We hope you will have a nice Valentines! 

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