Guide to Riga Grand Prix 2019

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Guide to Riga Grand Prix 2019

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2019 Riga Grand Prix is the second event of the 2019–2020 World Chess Championship cycle and the second one in the Series. Two winners of the Grand Prix Series will qualify for the World Chess Candidates Tournament and eventually the right to face the incumbent World Champion in the Championship Match. 

Lion and the Riga tower are two key visuals included in the logo of the Riga Grand Prix. Merchandise will be available at the World Chess shop
Teimur Rajabov and Hikaru Nakamura after Round 1 of the Moscow Grand Prix. Rajabov lost on tiebreaks after two draws in classic games. Nakamura ad his compatriot Wesley So advanced to Round 2. Nakamura is playing in Riga, his second chance to win the coveted qualification to the World Chess Candidates Tournament.
Daniil Dubov, who is famous for his win in the Rapid Championship and a praise from Magnus Carlesn (the Champion said that he has two heros, Alpha Zero and Dubov) is giving its second try to preveail in the event.
Two iconic Russian players are smiling. 
Chinese players had become a force in chess, and several contenders are likely to be poised for the qualification. 
Anish Giri, world’s number 4 and one of teh strongest players ever, is famous for his longest draw streak. He hopes to win this time around
Ian Nepo of Russia won the Moscow leg of the Grand Prix Series. He is not playing in Riga, but will most likely follow it closely and nay come as a special guest. 

Who is playing? 

1Shakhriyar MamedyarovAzerbaijan
2Maxime Vachier-LagraveFrance
3Anish GiriNetherlands
4Wesley SoUSA
5Levon AronianArmenia
6Alexander GrischukRussia
7Hikaru NakamuraUSA
8Sergey KarjakinRussia
9Yu YangyiChina
10Peter SvidlerRussia
11Veselin TopalovBulgaria
12David NavaraCzech Republic
13Jan-Krzysztof DudaPoland
14Harikrishna PentalaIndia
15Nikita VitiugovRussia
16Daniil DubovRussia

This is the strongest Grand Prix Series in recent history, with the world’s top players competing for the right to face the World Champion and the EUR800,000 prize fund.

All players have qualified based on rating. Russia is represented by seven grandmasters, including Sergey Karjakin, Ian Nepomniachtchi and current Rapid World Champion Daniil Dubov.

All players have qualified based on rating. 

You can learn more about the Series.

When and Where? 


July 11

Opening Ceremony

July 12

Day 1
Round 1

July 13

Day 2
Round 1

July 14

Day 3

July 15

Day 4
Round 2

July 16

Day 5
Round 2

July 17

Day 6

July 18

Day 7 
Round 3

July 19

Day 8
Round 3

July 20

Day 9

July 21

Rest Day

July 22

Day 10

July 23

Day 11

July 24

Day 12

The rounds start at 3PM Riga time, and you can enter the playing venue starting at 2PM. There will be on-site commentary in Russian and invitation-only VIP lounge, where you can listen to English or Russian commentary, follow the games and meet chess and business luminaries. There will be a special media centre for accredited media. 


The Grand Prix is held in the National Library of Latvia, an iconic building in Riga. 

Address: Mūkusalas iela 3, Riga, Latvia

One of the most iconic building in the country will host the Grand Prix tournament. Access to the event is free for fans and media alike. Media will also have access to media facilities. 

How to Visit and Follow

To visit

The Grand Prix is a treat for all chess fans and players alike. It’s free to visit. You can request an invite from World Chess at 

Cell phone use 
Reception and entertainment area: 

Guests are not allowed to talk on the phone. We kindly ask you to switch your cell phone in silent mode.

Game zone:

It is strictly prohibited to use a phone in the game room, take photos or record a video. We ask you to turn off your cell phone before entering game area.

To Follow Online

99.9% of chess in the world is played and watched online. You can watch the Grand Prix for free on On your computer or smartphone, you will follow the games live online, and also be able to see the multi-camera live feed as well as commentary in English and Russian.

 Our commentators   

Evgeny Miroshnichenko
Arturs Neiksans

Current standings in the Grand Prix Series

#PlayerRating (May)MoscowRigaHamburgIsraelTotal
1Ian Nepomniachtchi277399
2Alexander Grischuk277277
3Radoslaw Wojtaszek272455
4Hikaru Nakamura276133
5Peter Svidler273922
6Wei Yi273622
7Daniil Dubov269022
8Wesley So275411
9Anish Giri278700
10Shakhriyar Mamedyarov278100
11Levon Aronian276200
12Teimur Rajabov275900
13Sergey Karjakin275200
14Nikita Vitiugov273400
15Jan-Krzysztof Duda272800
16Dmitry Jakovenko270800
17Maxime Vachier-Lagrave2780
18Velesin Topalov2740
19Yu Yangyi2739
20Pentala Harikrishna2730
21David Navarra2728