Concept: Chess Set as a Nesting Doll

Just like cars, the best chess sets should be very comfortable, or stylish (you can make a pleasant conversation out of it even after a spectacular loss). Unsurprisingly, chess players are very picky about their sets, and have strong opinions about which set is best.

Here, we propose a chess set that might not be usable at the World Chess Championship match, but can certainly make a statement (and an amazing gift). And finally, it’s designed as a nesting doll, and we are excited to close the awful nesting doll-like chess set.

The nesting doll set is designed for World Chess by Daniel Weil of Pentagram, who designed the iconic World Chess Championship set, and wanted to add a more playful product to the chess portfolio. The set is inspired by the popular Russian nesting dolls where pieces are placed inside one another.

Each doll (the set has both black and white dolls) bears the image of the official chess piece and is made out of wood. The set is not in production yet and will be produced in limited edition.

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