Chess Broadcasting Policy for the Grand Prix Series

World Chess has formulated chess moves transmission policy that will be applied to the FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019. This policy is approved by FIDE and ends a protracted dispute regarding the control over the live broadcast of the games.

The policy allows other sites to relay the live moves of the games but either through an official widget provided to the sites by the organizer (World Chess is the organizer for the Grand Prix events), or directly, with a clearly displayed message: “official broadcast is available on [organizer’s site] and link to [organizer’s site]. The statement must be placed in direct view of the board visualization and visible at all times during the live broadcast.

Video broadcast remains the property of the organizer and can be distributed at their full discretion.

Both FIDE and World Chess, the organizer of the Grand Prix Series, are interested in the widest distribution of information about the major chess events around the world. They are also interested in preserving commercial sustainability of the sport. Since organizing top chess events requires major financial investment, both FIDE and World Chess believe that there is a need to respect organizers’ right to aggregate and potentially commercialize traffic generated by the live transmission of the games from these events. The policy serves both purposes.

FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich says: “We are interested in making chess as widely available as possible. But we also understand that chess, like all sports, requires a firm ethical and legal structure that makes chess a commercial success”.

Ilya Merenzon, CEO of World Chess and the organizer of the Grand Prix Series, says: “The policy is fair and is consistent with what we’ve been advocating: live transmission of the game is indeed a result of the major financial investment. We are looking forward to working with the sites that agree with the policy and believe that now there are even more opportunities to organize major chess events”.

The Live Moves Transmission Policy for the FIDE Grand Prix Series 2019 states:


— World Chess under FIDE approval authorizes broadcasting of the moves by third party websites under one of the following conditions:

• The third party site uses official widget of the event (the widget is developed by World Chess under FIDE Guidance). The widget provides live relay of the World Chess Grand Prix Series, can be customized by the website’s administrator and can be embedded into any website by pasting several lines of automatically generated code.

• The site uses its own broadcasting tool. However, it must place in a prominent location, next to the live relay of the moves and in constant view of the board (boards), the statement: Official broadcast is available on and link to The statement must be clearly visible and legible. In case of a multi-board view, a single link is sufficient.

• World Chess is open for granting other non-exclusive broadcasting rights to third-party sites under individual license arrangements.


— World Chess and FIDE will broadcast free video stream of the event Moscow Grand Prix on the official World Chess and FIDE online channels. World Chess will also offer premium video services (such as multi-camera view) with additional features for members.

1. The basic service is free for users for the Moscow Grand Prix

2. All third parties are allowed to embed the video on the condition that they follow Moves broadcast policy (i.e. use the widget or place a prominent link to World Chess, the organizer of the Series).