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What Did You Buy at the World Chess Championship

Here at World Chess, we believe that chess is very much about design. We believe that buying and owning a chess set (and using it!) should spark instant joy. Therefore we paid a lot of attention to the design of the 2018 World Chess Championship Match experience. You have probably heard about the ‘pawnagraphic’ logo. Well, that was us. For the Championship Match, we have partnered with our long-term collaborators, Pentagram and Shuka Design, to produce a…

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World Chess Invites Daniil Dubov into the Grand Prix Series

FIDE ProfileWikipedia World Chess Rating CardDaniil Dubov, 22-year old Russian Grandmaster and current Rapid World Champion, will join the FIDE World Chess Grand Prix Series.He’s been nominated by World Chess, the organizer of the Series, with support of FIDE. He will join the likes of MVL, Anish Giri, and Levon Aronian and will have a shot at the Candidates Tournament.World Chess team wishes Daniil a great Series and hopes that he will not only show his…

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Happy Valentines Day, Chess Style

If you are planning to spend Valentines Day with your loved one and, for some reason, want to connect this holiday to chess, you’ll be pleased to know that in our obsessive attempt to make chess sexy, we have come up with probably the sexiest combination of chess-related items ever.We went so far as to send this chess collection to influential bloggers around the world and shipped some to World Chess Club Moscow. So if…

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What the World Chess Championship Might Have Looked Like?

Preview of the ‘Eyes’ Concept developed by Kosmos Collective. This is an initial render of the VIP lounge where poeple could play chess while listening to commentary. The idea was to create an immersive experience for chess fans.Chess championships, which once were a dated and very predictable visual experience, are now well back inside the design perimeter. As a sport, it has gained a visual language, branding strategies, a collectors’ base and high expectations. World…

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