Armageddon: Chess for Television

Chess has been reinvented for live sports television broadcasting with a new and exciting entertainment-style format. The first Armageddon Series will begin this summer.

One of the early renderings of the Armageddon Studio. Chess players will play in a mixed reality environment where the studio will feature analytics and graphics as well as other information that will make the event more exciting than the boxing match. 

Chess comes to Television

Chess is hugely popular around the world, but so far has failed to find a place on television because of unpredictable timeframes and high barrier to understanding of the sport.

Here comes Armageddon Series, the first ever chess format that matches high-drama sports programming and is simply captivating to watch. Top world’s grandmasters, a blitz-fast format of two 3-minutes games and an Armageddon tie-breaks, virtual reality studio which serves as a viral battlefield, biometric data readings, dramatic commentary, and striking visual line make the Armageddon Series the sports entertainment of the 21st century.

Armageddon logo represents that chess is becoming part of the sports entertainment. Dramatic! 

Match Structure. Just like Boxing!

Armageddon consists of the Series of Matches, where 8 Grandmasters in the double-elimination format, are fighting for the first place. Live. 

One Match consists of two blitz games (3 minutes for each player plus 2 seconds for each move). In case the winner is not determined by the blitz games, the players will play an Armageddon format game (5 minutes for White, 4 minutes for Black, 2 additional seconds for each move after move 60, in case of draw Black is considered the winner).

There will be a pause between the games. The length of the pause will be decided by the tournament’s producer, which will depend on the timing, but in any case will be not less than 5 minutes after the first game and 10 minutes after the second game.

During the match two commentators run the show. They provide full information about rules of the game, players and other details for spectators. Also they create the tension, follow and comment the unique tactic of each player and make conclusions depending on current actions.

A study of the playing studio and how it can serve as an engaging part of the show. Walls are turned into interactive displays.

Comes to TV this summer!

June 10
Match 1 and 2

June 11
Match 2 and 3

June 12
Match 4 and 5

June 13
Match 6 and 7

June 14
Match 8 and 9

June 15
Match 10 and 11

June 16
Match 12, 13 and 14

Chess will be visually striking


Vladimir KramnikRussia
Teimur RajabovAzerbaijan
Sergey KarjakinRussia
Ian NepomniastchiRussia
Daniil DubovRussia

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If you have any questions regarding the Series or broadcasting rights, please contact World Chess business development director Nadia Panteleeva at panteleeva@worldchess.com. 

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