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What is FIDE Online Arena rating?

FIDE Online Arena rating is the online rating recognized by FIDE. So you don’t have to travel the world and participate in official offline tournaments to get and improve it. Instead, play online and participate in FOA-rated single games and online tournaments. When and wherever you want.


Becoming FIDE Grandmaster

You had to participate in officially organized over-the-board tournaments to play for FIDE rating and get a formal FIDE title. It was not enough to play great chess to become a FIDE Grandmaster: you also needed to participate in dozens of tournaments around the world yearly, thus spending enormous time and money.


Becoming Arena International Master

Now you can start your PRO chess journey with the FIDE Online Arena rating recognized by FIDE. And to get an online title recognized by FIDE, all you need is to play great chess online. As soon as your FOA rating crosses 1700, you will get the FIDE Arena International Master title with a certificate. Both tournaments and individual FOA-rated games are taken into account.


Sign up with World Chess Pro account. Automatically get FIDE ID. Start playing FOA Rated games and tournaments. As soon as you reach 1100 rating points, your title adventure begins. Maintain your rating for a certain amount of games and get your FIDE Online Arena title with a certificate.