FIDE Online Arena Redefines Online Chess, Offers Official Online Ratings

FIDE Online Arena, the official chess gaming platform, today redefined online chess with the global launch of the new gaming experience and online ratings. Chess players from around the world are now able to compete for the official online ratings and qualify for official titles. This makes chess the first IOC-recognized sport to create the officially-recognized online category.The online experience has been designed by World Chess, the company that organized the 2016 and 2018 Championship…

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Chess Game in Space Finishes in a Draw

On June 9, the second chess match between Space and Earth took place in the main hall of the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics. The event has been co-organized by the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics, the Roscosmos State Corporation, the Chess Federation of Russia, and the social network VKontakte.The match featured pilot-cosmonaut Anatoly Ivanishin, and test-cosmonaut Ivan Vagner, who delivered the battle from aboard the International Space Station. Representing team Earth was Sergey Karjakin – a…

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