These Are the Most Expensive Cities to Learn Chess

New York is the most expensive city to learn chess in 2019, according to the research conducted by World Chess.

Five out of 10 the most expensive cities are not in Europe. US and Asia are at the top of the list.

1New YorkUS$789213,171
2Hong KongChina$76.540/46NA
5Brussels Belgium$6393,110
7Los AngelesUSA$609213,171
8LondonUnited Kingdom$59365,504

The price of the chess lesson was calculated per hour in local currency and converted to USD. Prices for chess instruction vary greatly depending on the instructor’s FIDE rating, titles, popularity, and reputation. For the research, we have compared chess instruction costs by coaches with a FIDE title of International Master or more and have not taken into account celebrity players, whose prices cannot be considered ‘market’ rates.

GM column means the official number of grandmasters in the country. Federation column represents an official number of members of the Federation. These numbers were added to study a possible relationship between the cost of chess instruction and the number of Grandmasters and size of the country’s federation. 

Larger study on the relationship between the size of the country, size of the population, GPD and other parameters, will be released by World Chess later in the year.

Entrance to the World Chess Championship Match that was organized by World Chess in New York’s Seaport District in November of 2016.

New York City is the most expensive city to learn chess, according to the inaugural ranking. 

The underlying reason is that chess in New York is quite popular in elite schools and there is a big demand for chess instructors.    

The report is conducted by World Chess. We interviewed chess instructors and neogtiated rates with potential instructions in over 90 cities, in general taking the most expensive city in the country. However, we can understand that there might be errors or new data. Please contact us at media@worldchess.com if you would like to share or discuss this report.